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Why Should Your Business Consider Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is changing the way businesses, small and large, are thinking. The introduction of smartphones, like the iPhone, has drastically changed the way business interacts with customers. Mobile users are quickly becoming the largest segment of online users in local marketing, e-commerce, web traffic, social media, etc. One of the greatest advantages of marketing to smartphone users is the combination of the online world with a phone.

Already, over 50% of searches for local businesses are done from a mobile device. These mobile internet users are very different from people using a desktop computer. Mobile visitors want certain information from your website and they want it fast. Most regular websites cannot be viewed easily, if at all, on a mobile device. In fact, in a recent Google study, 79% of people who don’t like what they find on one site will go back and search for another site. A properly created mobile website alleviates this problem. All of the necessary information is presented so that is easy to find. One click calling allows the mobile visitor make contact quickly and easily. Location maps with directions are also implemented so that they can get to your place of business. Another fact from the Google study mentioned above stated that 67% of mobile users say that when they visit a mobile-friendly site, they’re more likely to buy a site’s product or service. Is your business website mobile ready?

We also help our clients explore the possibility of creating a text message marketing strategy. We help design an opt-in members program that ensures that text messages only go to those who ask for them. Why use text messaging? Because people respond quickly. Most text massages are viewed within 2 minutes of their receipt. And since they are sent to people asking to be on your list, they WANT these messages. A recent study shows that 91% of people keep their phone within 3 feet of themselves 24 hours a day. The most eagerly received text is one with a coupon or discount. If you have regular clientele, a text message marketing strategy is worth considering.

Your Mobile Marketing Strategy Plan might also be enhanced by the use of QR codes. QR codes allow a person with a smartphone to scan a specialized bar code that directs them to a webpage of your choice – your website, a product page, a review page, a weekly specials page, a YouTube product/service video, a user manual, your Facebook page, etc. Their use is endless. The use of QR codes in Canada is expected to exceed 3 million scans and is currently increasing at a rate of 298% year over year. Did I mention that they are FREE to create? Let us create a QR code campaign for you.

Mobile Apps have become increasingly popular over the past few years. An app is a complete program that resides on a smartphone. Apps that live on a clients smartphone offers a business a chance to directly communicate with that customer. the app will also allow easier access to for the customer to get information about the business and it’s products.

As you can see, there are many ways to market to your clients via their mobile devices. By the end of 2013 or beginning of 2014, there will be more mobile devices searching the interent than desktop computers.

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